Transitioning Heat Pumps from Summer to Winter

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Heat pumps are a tried-and-true technology that can maintain your home’s comfort throughout the year. Like many other homeowners, you are pleased with the all-in-one functioning of heat pumps. You are glad that you chose a heat pump and saved yourself from the trouble of buying a separate air conditioner and furnace. However, now that season is changing (fall is almost here), you are thinking about how to shift your heat pump settings from air-conditioning to heating. Keep reading this article to learn how to prepare the heat pump for the new season.

Understand the Functioning of Heat Pump

Heat pumps are a proven technology that has been effectively supplying heating, cooling, and hot water to buildings for decades in Canada and worldwide. On hot days, the pump will transport heat from inside the house to the outside, acting like an air conditioner. On the other hand, the pump will bring outside heat into the home on chilly days.

How to Transition Heat Pump from Summer to Winter?

You can prepare your heat pump for next season (winter) by doing the following tasks in the sequence given below.

Homeowners Need to Perform the Following Tasks

It would be best to consider general heat pump maintenance during the spring and fall transition seasons. It is not a difficult task; you can do it in the following easy steps. Replace your air filter first. The majority of filters need to be changed every three to six months. It will enhance the performance and effectiveness of your heat pump as well as the indoor air quality of your home. Next, check the outdoor unit for weeds or other growth and remove these to enable open-air circulation. The cold weather makes it much harder to clean coils, so it’s wise to do it before winter arrives. If necessary, flush and clean your drain line and prime the trap. Ensure you do not see any damage or discoloration on your electric heat pump wires. Lastly, adjust your thermostat settings for winter.

Hire Professionals to Perform Following Tasks

Once complete the homeowner checklist, contact the heat pump professional contractor for biannual maintenance. A team of experienced HVAC providers will inspect, clean, and tune up your heat pump. Your heat pump’s refrigerant levels should be checked and adjusted by a professional. Coolant addition and accurate leak repairs are tasks best left to experts. Assign the functions of blower motor oiling and wheel balancing to a trained professional. They have the knowledge of ideal settings for the winter. A pre-winter check-up and maintenance will save you time, stress and extra expenditures later in the season.

Switch Temperature Settings for Maximum Comfort During Transitioning Seasons

Frequently switching a heat pump between heating and air conditioning modes can result in an overworked system and energy usage. It would be best if you also avoid constant switching between heating and cooling settings because it might lead to a circuit breaker trip. The ideal method to change temperature settings is to give the heat pump a five-minute break.

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