How to Stay Cool and Safe During a Heat Wave

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Consistent high temperatures result in causing severe heat waves around the globe. You have probably experienced excruciating heat personally and heard about these heatwaves in news. Climate change is making the summer season insufferable for human beings. The most brutal heatwave in Canada was back in the year 2021 not only caused high temperature but higher humidity as well. You might try to cool down in such weather, or it can be dangerous for your health. You may also have heard that several people died during heat waves in British Columbia between June 25 and July 1, 2021. However, the question is: what can you do to protect yourself from high temperatures? If you go through this article, you might get an idea by the end of it.

Tips for Staying Cool

As people are battling the heat waves, experts have suggested tips and tricks that can be used to stay cool in hot summers. Now you can use these tips to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Stay Inside

The first suggestion is to stay inside or take shelter. You can stay in any space that gives you an air-conditioned environment. As most deaths from heat-related injuries classify as preventable. If you remain in extreme temperatures for too long, the primary cooling mechanism of your body sweating becomes ineffective. Hence, stay inside and stay safe.

Rely More on Ceiling Fans

To stay cool in hot summers, consider using ceiling fans more often. They will provide your relief at a much lower price than air conditioning systems. How can fans save you from this intense heat? These ceiling fans create a cooler breeze by pushing air down in the contraclockwise direction. On the contrary, the HVAC systems can help cool down your house. Once it is done, turn it off. You might overheat your air conditioner if you keep cranking it up. You could also end up paying a very high electricity bill.

Wear Light Clothing

You can also dress in a way that will protect you from excessive heat. Taking off more clothes or putting on more clothes will not work in such weather conditions. You need to figure out a reasonable way to protect yourself. If you work outside during the daytime, try some thin and light clothing. Using thin clothing materials will keep your skin from getting sunburns and excessive sweating. Your light clothes absorb most of your sweat away, keeping you comfortable.

Keep Curtains and Blinds Shut

Keep your curtains and blinds shut during the daytime. By doing that, you will be preventing your home from excessive heat. Window coverings can lower the overall heat gain by approximately 77%. If you are using blinds or curtains, try to buy light-coloured curtains or blackouts. This tip will not just keep your house cooler but also protect your pets from high temperatures. You should also establish a suitable ventilation system in your house to keep it cool during summers.

Use More Reliable Air Conditioning Sources

If you are using air conditioning in your home, we suggest something more valuable. Heat pumps are a more reliable and effective technology for cooling your house. Now, you might wonder how a heat pump is better than a conventional air conditioner. The heat pumps will not only provide cooling in summers but can also supply heat during winters. You can get hot water by using a heat pump throughout the winter. So, you can get year-round comfort at a much lower expense.

Stay Hydrated

Furthermore, consume more water during a heatwave to save yourself from exhaustion. If you are sweating excessively, try to replace electrolytes with a smaller amount of food with water. You can also head downstairs or basement of your house during heat waves.

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