Benefits of a Geothermal System

Eliminate delivered fuels (Propane & Oil)
Decarbonize your home heating and remove dangers of combustion from within the home
Fuel Oil & Propane Customers can Save $1,000s on heating and cooling every year
Alternative Investment providing strong ROI
Over 50% more efficient than 14 SEER

Love our new geothermal system and love working with Waterloo Energy Products & Mechanical. From the office staff, Jim and Jason, to the on-site crew, Chris, Paul and Mike, everyone was very professional, knowledgeable and helpful. Great customer service and great to see everyone's personal commitment to geo.

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Just wish to express our appreciation for a professionally installed Geo Ground source system. Your well trained personnel (my observation) were not only courteous, but expressively informative, and it appears content and proud of their participation in a project that they have completed

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Great service! Hard working! Developed an amazing Geothermal project for our new build. Highly recommended.

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Geothermal Systems & Loops

Geothermal systems have been used for many years to heat and cool homes and buildings. They are the most cost effective, energy efficient and renewable alternative for heating and cooling. If you are heating with oil, propane or electric heat your savings and return on investment will be substantial!

Today, we are able to improve efficiency even more as a result of new technology. New advances in the industry also allow Geothermal to be more versatile and can be designed to fit in any space, with multiple configuration options.

Some of those configurations include:

  • Vertical loops for smaller residential and commercial land areas
  • Horizontal loops for residential and larger areas
  • Well and Pond applications when available

There are many benefits of moving to geothermal, here are just a few:

  • Cut energy costs by 75%
  • Access the energy that is already stored on your property
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Become less reliant on oil, propane and electricity
  • Become less affected by rising utility prices
  • Domestic Hot Water Heating
  • In-Floor Heating
  • No outdoor equipment
  • Low maintenance
  • Long life
Geothermal System

How does a Geothermal System work?

The Ground

A geothermal system uses the energy of the sun, stored in the earth, to keep you in comfort all year round. Even in the winter, when a blanket of snow covers the ground, the earth’s temperature remains approximately 10°C (50°F) at only five feet below the surface. This means that you have a steady supply of heat to keep you in comfort, even in the depths of the coldest winter.

The Pipes

A series of pipes buried in the ground, with a water/ethanol solution is circulated through the pipes to make them highly efficient conductors of heat. In the winter, the water/ethanol in the pipes absorbs the heat from the ground and, now warmed up, the fluid is pumped back through the geothermal unit in the house. In the summer, the heat transfer process takes place in reverse. The fluid in the pipes leaves the house in a warm state, but after circulating underground, is cooled as the pipes exchange heat with the cooler earth.

The Geothermal Unit

The underground loops connect to the main geothermal unit installed in your house, and is connected to your home’s forced air or hydronic system.

Forced Air Heating & Cooling

As our top performer, the Tetco TYT Series, forced-air heat pump delivers the highest efficiency ratings in the industry. Self regulating two stage technology allows the TYT lineup to operate at the most efficient speed for all weather conditions. Equipped with an electronic variable speed fan motor (ICM2), the Tetco TYT Series controls system air flow to assure high operating efficiency and superior dehumidification. There are also single (TVS) & two stage (TVT) compact forced air units that can be a great solution for any forced air heating & cooling application. Available in a vertical or horizontal configurations.

Water to Water for Domestic Hot Water

The Tetco THP water-to-water R410A high temperature heat pump provides high temperature output up to (130°F), internal controls, and factory-installed options. The Tetco, THP includes a special high temperature scroll compressor coupled with heat exchangers designed specifically for water heating, which results in unmatched efficiencies and performance.

Water-to-Water for In-Floor Heating

Designed for use in heating or cooling applications requiring high efficiency performance, the Tetco TWS or TWT units are the perfect solution for your hydronic heating or cooling requirements. The single stage (TWS) or two stage (TWT) units are a great solution for any applications that require energy efficient water to water heat transfer, can be used to pre-heat or cool make-up air or can be installed as a stand-alone boiler / chiller in most hydronic heating applications such as radiant floors and fan coil heating / cooling.

Combination, Forced Air Heating & Cooling + Hydronic

The TETCO (TCT) Series Multi-Position, Vertical Combination heat pumps provide forced air heating and cooling, supply the hot water for radiant floor heating, and come standard with hot water assist for up to 40% cost savings on hot water annually. These systems work well in large and small homes, storage building, or net-zero homes that require forced air heating and cooling and radiant floor heating supplied by the same unit.

The Distribution System

Heating In Winter

After the pipes have done the heat transfer, and the geothermal unit has done its work maximizing the heat value of the circulated fluid, the heat is then drawn off the heat exchanger in the unit and circulated throughout the house using the existing distribution system.

Cooling In Summer

In the summer, the process is reversed. The hot air in the house is essentially absorbed by the geothermal unit which now circulates much cooler pipe fluid. The heat is transferred first to the pipes then to the ground outside before returning, cooled, to the house.


The geothermal unit is connected to the home’s existing heating/cooling distribution system, whether it’s forced air or water-based (typically with in-floor) or water-to-water in-floor heating.

Low Maintenance

Cleaning the electrostatic filter once a month is all that’s needed to keep the system in good running order along with a recommended yearly preventative maintenance check up.

Quiet Operation

Pumps quietly circulate fluid through the geothermal unit. No combustion or forced-flame noise is heard. No outdoor equipment is required.


Geothermal systems eliminate indoor temperature swings and humidity changes that often occur with traditional systems. In addition, the occasional odour caused by combustion of fossil fuel will also be eliminated.

Long System Life

Geothermal units typically have a life span of 20 years or more.

The Environment

Geothermal systems use a renewable resource, the earth, which is efficient and non-polluting. Replacing a fossil fuel system with geothermal immediately cuts your household energy carbon by 100% at the site. Federal and provincial governments along with carbon emissions reductions have rebate programs in place to help offset capital costs.

See The Enertech Tetco Geothermal Lineup

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