Geothermal Tips for Best Winter Performance

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Are you thinking about protecting your house from harsh winters? One of the best ways to do that is to install geothermal heat pumps. All you need to do is understand the working of geothermal heat pumps in colder climates. During low temperatures, most heating systems cannot provide enough heat to maintain a house with poor insulation. Luckily, geothermal heat pumps can perfectly fulfill any home’s heat demand, no matter the size and insulation.

Due to abrupt weather changes, you might need a long-lasting heating and cooling system for your house. Geothermal heat systems are way more beneficial than traditional ones. Using ground source heat, you can get about 400% efficiency from geothermal heat pumps. This article has helpful tips to give you the best winter performance from a geothermal heat pump.

Stop Worrying about the Temperature Schedule

Everyone enjoys the accessories that make life a little bit easier. Now, you can keep your home warmer and cooler as you wish. Using modern programmable thermostats is highly appreciated by all of us. Geothermal units also offer a programmable controlling unit to adjust the temperature to your needs. It is an easier transition. Keep your geothermal system at “at-home” and “away” settings and forget about the temperature adjustment. Your geothermal heat pump will make your home warmer as soon as you return to it. You will also have significant savings at the end of the month. So, get greater efficiency at lower prices. Not bad, right?

Keep an Uninterrupted Airflow

The smooth working of your geothermal heat system depends on sufficient airflow. You have to keep the system cleaner. Clean the coil and air filter to get less resistance in airflow. The working of your geothermal pump depends on the extracted ground energy. You will restrict the airflow if you don’t clear the air coil, the integral part of a geothermal unit. Your heat pump will require additional energy to achieve the desired comfort. Many customers ignore the system’s regular maintenance. In a high-particulate environment, if the air filter is not working effectively, it may end up clogging the air coil. To get an exceptional transfer of hot and cool air, schedule the constant maintenance of your geothermal heat pump system.

Make Sure the Ductwork is Sealed Properly  

Keeping the ductwork sealed is as critical as any other maintenance step. The problems in the ductwork are the product of insufficient airflow. So, to protect the system from an inefficient operation, check the vents in the heat pump. You will see that timely maintenance will improve the system’s overall efficiency. The research shows that about one-third of the airflow will be lost if there are poorly connected ducts, leaks, or holes. In any case, you should call the technician to fix such problems.

Do not Flip Breaker Over a Minor Issue

Finally, it is never wise to flip the breaker whenever you see a problem. Most homeowners think turning the breaker off will be suitable for the efficiency of their geothermal system. Well, it is not. So, if your geothermal heat system maintains the desired temperature with minor adjustments, do not mess with it. Ensure your geothermal heat pump works smoothly to get your desired comfort. Also, seek help from professionals in case of a problem. Taking care of these little issues can provide you with massive savings in terms of energy.

Waterloo Energy Products & Mechanical offers installation, maintenance, and other services to ensure the optimal performance of your geothermal system.

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