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Waterloo Energy Products & Mechanical is an HVAC & Renewable Energy Contractor specializing in Design-Build, Service, and Maintenance for the Residential, Commercial and Industrial Sectors.

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"Reached out to Waterloo Energy because we were looking to get off natural gas and were looking for an HVAC contractor to help us figure out the best option for an alternative system and also to deal with problematic ducting that was installed when our old home was originally built. We worked with Jim to select a system that would work for us. He reviewed our home energy audit and was able to offer us both an HVAC and a water heater system that would suit our energy efficient and sustainability goals. We were also able to get some modifications to our ducting done that helped with airflow and Jim recommended some measures we could take to help with insulating the few ducts that we couldn't rework. We ended up purchasing a Mitsubishi Zuba furnace and a Rheem Protera water heater, both run on heat pump technology with a back up electric source. Jason and Shawn made quick work of the installation and we're super friendly and really helpful in explaining all the ins and outs of the new systems. We had a few hiccups during the furnace install but Jason was always on the ball and super communicative about the issues and got things sorted out ASAP. Waterloo Energy also provided the most affordable prices on both the systems when compared to the other big name guys in the area. Jim was also the only sales rep that understood our sustainability goals and didn't try to convince us to keep a gas furnace instead. Both our systems have been performing really well and I highly recommend using Waterloo Energy for tackling a green energy related upgrade in your home."

- Natalia Bogdan


"We appreciated all the value of excellent service! From initial contact, their professionalism, response time, and courteous performance was well presented throughout the process of removing and replacing our furnace. Thank you to a great team, which made an essential service seamless and a great value!"

- Nicole Faulkner


"Our experience with all phases of working with Waterloo Energy was excellent! We first met to gather information about the air exchange technology for our A/C, furnace and water heater needs. They were informative and helpful making the right choices for our home. The installers were knowledgeable and helpful. We are very happy the entire process!"

- Anne Quin


"Great crew & company. Had WEP remove my existing furnace and AC and install a 3.5 ton heat pump (trane xv19). Excellent service all around. Smooth communication, onsite crew was fantastic."

- Jay Shah


"First off I want to say thank you for the great installation and installation team! Shawn and Jason were awesome, they have both great skill and take great pride in their work as you can see from the attached pictures of our new Mitsubishi Zuba heat pump installation.Jim and his team at Waterloo Energy Products share similar values to my family when it comes to energy conservation, efficiency and forward thinking. With knowledgeable staff, the best products and great service choosing Waterloo Energy Products was definitely the right decision!"

- Jordan Sloan


"Very professional and attentive service for our geothermal heating system."

- Stan Tyminski


"I wanted to thank Jim for answering all my questions about buying and installing a new geothermal system for my home. It was great to know that I could apply for some rebates and grants. Thanks for sending me all those pdfs and other content to help me with making a decision. I will be reaching out soon to make my decision. Thanks again!"

- Brandon Kingston


"We had an issue with our furnace. It just stopped working during this cold snap. We had purchased our Trane furnace from Waterloo Energy Products & Mechanical a few years ago, so we had the crew in to help us resolve the issue. They arrived within a few hours and fixed the furnace issue. Our family was very grateful for getting quick service. We always get great service here."

- Luther Burton


"On the coldest day of the year in 2021 , my wife and i woke up to a 58 degree home. Needless to say I was on the hot seat to find a solution. I have many contacts in the trades and HVAC world, the one name that came to the top of the list was Jim Bolger and Waterloo Energy products. I gave a Jim a 7 am text and he responded to me right away and had a service tech reallocated to my house at 8am. It was discovered I had a cracked heat exchanger and needed a new furnace. It was my lucky day , Jim had the right one ins tock and adjusted his schedule to get my new furnace installed that same day. They were prompt, friendly, knowledgeable efficient and fair valued. I would recommend the entire team to anyone. Thanks again for saving the day Jim! Sincerely , Mike and Jess Bender"

- Mike Bender


"My experience with this Waterloo Energy was fantastic from the start to finish. Norma gave me the quickest appointment available to have my furnace checked, as the weather is getting colder, and I have a newborn at home. During the inspection by their comfort advisor they discovered that I required a new furnace. Everyone was also very knowledgeable and very patient with me by answering all my questions. The installers came within a few days, on time and they were very professional. I would describe the work they did was very high quality and they even cleaned up everything before they left. I am very impressed with this company, and they even did a follow up call to check up with us after the sale. I would definitely recommend them to anyone!"

- Gerry Whitmore


"Waterloo Energy Products is excellent. The staff are knowledgeable, both in discussing the latest HVAC products and in installation. We used WEP to replace our furnance, air conditioner and water heater with more energy efficient alternatives. We couldn't be happier with the results."

- Diane Wolfenden


"We had a new home build outside of Guelph in a rural area close to Ariss. We wanted to help the environment by doing our part to reduce carbon emissions by getting a geothermal system installed. Our overall experience with the team at Waterloo Energy was excellent. From the beginning to the end, we felt the communication was fantastic. From the beginning when we went to their location for a presentation of our geothermal options to the insulation, everything went very smoothly. I would recommend the team at Waterloo Energy for a stress free experience. We highly recommend this company."

- Shaniqua Jackson


"Waterloo Energy installed a Geothermal unit at my office. They came when they said they would, and the installation was completed in a few days. The price was competitive, and completed at that price with no surprises. As a tradesman myself I was happy with the quality of the installation. I am very happy with the system!"

- Sandy Ragno


"We hired Waterloo Energy because of a referral from our neighbours who had them install a geothermal system in their home about 5 years ago. It went smoothly, and we love the fact that we no longer use natural gas to heat our new home. Wow! Thank you"

- Ivan Newman


"We bought our house and inherited a geothermal system, and we were nervous about taking proper care of it. But you guys make it easy! He answers all our questions when he comes out to do regular service, and went above and beyond when we needed help with air flow and filters. Thanks for everything!"

- Leanne Hyde


"Awesome techs and the outstanding customer service from Norma in the office. I got a furnace and A/C maintenance quickly. I am all prepared for the summer and winter months ahead. I highly recommend working with Waterloo Energy."

- William Conrad


"We are very happy with our new geothermal system. The team doing the install was very friendly and professional about the project at hand. They provided daily updates about their status of work and are the team was easy to communicate with. The team was also pet-friendly with our dogs. They also made sure to clean up any mess they might create on a daily basis. If you are looking to heat and cool your home using less energy, I highly recommend installing a geothermal system."

- Matthew Wells


"I have got system installed for my new house. It was a long and fairly complicated project. Nothing always goes perfect at the construction and mine was not an exception. Waterloo Energy turned out to be ready for the challenge though. They managed to connect with my otherwise very concerned neighbours making the most dirty, noisy and lengthy digging part went trouble free. I got problem with damaged pipe work by other contractors and it was fixed very timely and with the quality. Jim could manage and maintain good and productive relationships with other contractors. The system eventually was installed and I enjoy my new house now going thru the winter season with fracture of the heating cost. By the way, I was not the perfect client as well sometimes complaining harshly in person, but this behaviour could never sway Jim's calm and friendly attitude."

- Cliff R.


"Waterloo Energy has helped me out numerous times and is absolutely incredible to work with! I'll never forget everything that they have done for me, and I'm looking forward to working with them in the future! I highly recommend them for a job well done."

- Joanne Carr


"I recently had my furnace fail. First the President himself came out to diagnose then his technician (Justin I think ) gave the system a full review and got my furnace pumping out heat. Im now in the process of reviewing my options for a new heating system and I know that Im in great hands. Thanks Jim and W.E.P.!"

- Duncan McLean


"I highly recommend Waterloo Energy. Did a great geo installation for me, and both sales and installers knowledgeable, competent and helpful."

- David Pegues


"Great tour of the facility, learned a lot about geothermal, modulating furnaces, costs, maintenance, and more."

- Stacy Cooper


"I can't say enough positive about Waterloo Energy Products. This is the first time I have used them for my yearly geothermal maintenance and the technician (Justin) was outstanding. He called when he was en route, called when he arrived and spend more time with our system than any other company we have ever had. He answered my questions politely, professionally and recommended maintenance tips I had never thought of, or been told to follow. I am glad to say that I feel so much better knowing Waterloo Energy Products is in my corner day or night. Thanks Jason and Justin, was a real pleasure. I am a loyal customer from today forward."

- Igmar Cortes


"Jim and his team have been a pleasure to deal with. They installed a Trane furnace and AC for us last summer and we are very satisfied with the install and post-install service they have provided."

- Christopher Adam


"Great company. Fixed my AC in 30. Professional and honest. Highly recommended."

- Trevor Grieb


"Very quick, professional service at a reasonable cost. Very knowledgeable serviceman, explained issues very clearly. I recommend this company highly."

- Alison Kipp


"I want to thank Waterloo Energy for helping us with our furnace. We had an issue with it and it was not working. They had a technician come out within hours to help us. The technician came prepared and took all the precautions to social distance. They fixed the issue within an hour and now our furnace is working again. We also purchase a new electrostatic filter from him because we didn't want to go out and buy some replacement filters. Thank you for everything, you guys are amazing."

- Stephen Morgan


"I purchased and installed a Generac standby generator after seeing a commercial on TV. This is an excellent generator and I love that it tests itself weekly. So far, this unit has served us reliably through a power outage just before Christmas. The installation and hookup were easy, and the technician explained everything is full detail. Overall, I am very happy with this units size appearance. It switches on and only takes the load about 15 seconds after power failure. Then it switches back to mains in under 5 seconds. Wow, I highly recommend Generac to anyone that lives in the country. A great investment."

- Ralph Davis


"I was very happy with my decision to get a new air source heat pump with this company. The entire experience was great from the start to the finish. Jim answered all my questions about rebates and how to claim them. The installation crew was very professional and they explained everything that they were doing. I will give them 5 stars for a great experience."

- Katrina Sierra





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