The Sustainable Living Centre

Our Waterloo Energy Products head office is deservingly branded the "The Sustainable Living Centre" and showcases High Efficiency HVAC and Renewable Energy Products and Services under one roof. We have created a unique concept that simplifies life for energy conscious customers.

The Centre offers one-stop-shopping for everything from system design, engineering services, high efficiency HVAC systems, geothermal systems, air quality systems, high efficiency lighting products, solar pv options, energy conservation planning, and much more!

Waterloo Energy Products owners are well known as one of the largest Canadian installers of HVAC and Geothermal equipment products and has been in the industry for years.

An abandoned commercial plaza on Charles Street in Maryhill, was purchased by our company and extensively renovated to become the new home of The Sustainable Living Centre. When completed, the 7,000 square foot sustainable living centre now showcases geothermal heating and cooling systems using forced air and in-floor heating, domestic hot water heating via geothermal to 110 deg. F, 10 KW microFIT solar PV system on the roof, extensive LED lighting throughout, energy monitoring equipment, water treatment equipment and much more......

Two of the partners Jim Bolger and Jason Grieb comment, "Our highly interactive showroom is one of the most extensive in the province. The idea is that customers will leave much more informed than when they arrived at our door, and they can feel confident in making the right choice for their specific applications"


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Just wish to express our appreciation for a professionally installed Geo Ground source system. Your well trained personnel (my observation) were not only courteous, but expressively informative, and it appears content and proud of their participation in a project that they have completed.

June and Terence McGarigle, Belwood, ON

Thank you! It's a fantastic system! P.S. First time that this house is actually warm and comfortable!

Krys Gazo, Grand Valley, ON

We are very happy with our system both heating and cooling. I think I have done the math right. I can't believe we heated our home for a full year for only 278.46

Roy and Carla in St. Mary's, ON

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