Air-Source Heat Pump

If you happen to be looking for a low operating cost option to propane, oil or straight electricity for heating your home or business, a heat pump may be the ideal choice. Heat pumps are an energy-efficient option for your home or business. The latest heat pump technology makes it possible for heat pumps to be installed in colder climates, while still providing comfort that is comparable to a gas furnace. Heat pumps that run on electricity are considered among the industry’s most efficient HVAC systems. Heat pumps with high HSPF ratings are designed to deliver the most heat using the least amount of energy. By combining the benefits of heat pump technology with centralized ductwork, this will provide a better way to provide year-round heating and cooling comfort.

A heat pump supplies heating and cooling that use the same basic principles for both. A system is composed of an outdoor unit and an indoor unit, with two refrigerant pipes connecting the two. Working like an air conditioner on warm days, the pump will extract heat from inside the home and transfer it outdoors. On the other hand, on cold days the pump will flow heat energy into the home from the outside.



Ductless HVAC Systems

Why should you consider selecting a ductless HVAC system?
Ductless systems achieve efficient heating and cooling with lots of versatility. They are able to provide whole-home comfort in properties that don’t have central HVAC systems. Ductless HVAC also works well in single-zone climate control for small additions that aren’t connected to existing ductwork. The added bonus is that ductless AC and heating allows you to adjust the temperature from room to room.

Waterloo Energy Products offers three different types of ductless systems: mini-split, multi-split and variable refrigerant flow (VRF). After you’ve picked the solution that works best for your home, you will need a compatible indoor and outdoor units to complete your ductless HVAC system.



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Great service! Hard working! Developed an amazing Geothermal project for our new build. Highly recommended.

Joseph Puopolo

Our furnace (geothermal heat pump) seems to be able to keep up easily, even in the worst temperatures. For example, the other day it was down to -22c outside, but inside my two toddlers keep stripping their clothes off (they thought it was funny). There is no question geothermal can keep up. What a great system. Thank you again for what I consider the perfect install.

Chris and Anne Capon, Caledon, ON

Thank you so much for your excellent service to us. Your staff were great and their efforts at cleaning up their work area was tremendous (+appreciated) We trust we will continue to have "warm thoughts" of you through the winter. Thanks!

Ray and Maggie Harloff, Priceville, ON

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