Regular HVAC Maintenance Improves Indoor Air Quality as You Stay Indoors Amid Pandemic

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The importance of good indoor air quality has enhanced significantly after the pandemic. Now we are staying indoors for longer durations compared to the past. Are you looking for guidelines for indoor air quality maintenance? Or you are curious about how HVAC maintenance impacts indoor air quality? Whatever the case is, you have come to the right place. This article will disclose the role of regular HVAC maintenance in improving indoor air quality.

A building’s HVAC system has an impact on indoor air quality. It is the most crucial driving force of indoor air quality. Preventive maintenance of HVAC systems is critical because various issues such as dust trapping, high humidity and fungal growth in ductwork can reduce indoor air quality. Due to quarantine, you spend most of your time inside the home. HVAC systems are necessary all year; they keep us warm in the winter and cool in the summer. There are several harmful health impacts of reduced air quality; therefore, you cannot afford to ignore the maintenance and service of HVAC appliances.

Health Impacts of Poor-Quality Indoor Air

Indoor air pollutants harm physical and mental health badly. Indoor air pollution causes mild to severe health problems. You may suffer from nasal, throat, and eye irritation if you live in a building with poor indoor air quality. Other symptoms include dizziness, fatigue and headaches. The excessively harmful health issues from indoor air quality entail respiratory problems, cancer and heart diseases.

Researchers reported that indoor air quality affects productivity in classrooms and occupational settings. Certain pollutants are responsible for health problems.

Indoor Air Quality Indicators

Though a lot about a wide range of indoor air quality issues and their health consequences is known, it is time to learn about some air quality indicators. It is essential to understand these indicators to control the situation before it worsens.

The air quality indicators track Canadians’ long-term exposure to ground-level ozone and particulate matter (PM2). Carbon monoxide, radon, volatile organic compounds and moisture are common indicators of indoor pollutants.

Role of HVAC Maintenance in Good Indoor Air Quality

Let’s take a look at this control strategy to put your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system to work. Here is a valuable fact about the HVAC system. These do eliminate several common air pollutants. Consider that HVAC system maintenance is the key because poor maintenance results in contaminated indoor air.

UV and Plasma are beneficial for disinfection and improving the quality of air. You can use your HVAC system to neutralize bacteria, biological pathogens, viruses (such as Coronavirus/COVID-19), and other pollutants. The disinfection feature is exceptional. It will protect you and other residents from health issues.

Thorough checkups and preventive maintenance can protect you from the harmful effects of poorly maintained systems. You can take assistance from professional energy and mechanical service providers. They will inspect your HVAC systems and guide you over the upkeep needs. Air filters of the HVAC system should be cleaned or replaced. An HVAC filter’s primary purpose is to prevent dust from entering your heating and cooling system, but it also impacts your home’s air quality.

HVAC Maintenance Steps to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Unmaintained HVAC units attract dirt, mould, bacteria, and other pathogens, all of which can cause or worsen respiratory problems in those who live in the house.

Perform or hire a professional to perform the IAQ (indoor air quality) test for you. Identify the pollution sources and implement the required measures. Remove sources of these indoor contaminants. Within the area of the building, avoid damp/dirty ventilation systems.

Use the latest HVAC technology. Some models are more efficient at improving indoor air quality. But this does not mean that these models can work perfectly without maintenance. You should clean and replace filters regularly. Install humidity and temperature controls. Clean the outdoor unit. Getting preventative maintenance from experts will increase the life span of your systems, reduce downtime and increase efficiency.

A well-maintained HVAC system will not only keep a cosy environment in your home but will also reduce air quality issues. Filters and coils that are cleaner ensure improved breathing for the entire family.


Throughout this article, we have discussed all the health issues caused by air pollutants and possible preventative measures. Since most of the time you spend at home during the pandemic, the latest information on indoor air quality suggests you should work on air quality maintenance. Apart from this – scheduling inspection and maintenance of HVAC systems will save you from costly repairs and replacements.  

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