Air Conditioners Versus Heat Pumps

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In lots of ways, air conditioners function the same as heat pumps. What makes a heat pump different is that it can reverse itself to provide heating when required.

Air conditioners are built to pump heat from the inside to the outside. When someone says “heat pump,” they use this term to refer to an HVAC system that can pump heat inside or outside.

Heat pumps are specially designed to pump heat in both directions. The way it works by pumping the heat from inside outside for cooling. And from the outside to the inside for heating.

Heat pumps and air conditioners use a comparable process to transfer heat energy.  Heat pumps use coils to remove the heat from inside of your home or business.

A misconception out there about air conditioners is that people think that they cool air to indoor spaces when they remove heat from the air.

How do I know if I have a heat pump or air conditioner?

The easiest way to tell if you have an air conditioner or heat pump is by looking at the manufacturer sticker on the outdoor unit. We recommend that you use your phone and take a photo of the model number (M/N) or use something to write it down. Next, search on Google by entering the model number. The results will let you know which system you are using.

Should I get a heat pump over a furnace and air conditioner?

It really depends on the climate of where you live—a heat pump and air conditioner and furnace that can both heat and cool your home. However, when temperatures drop below freezing, a heat pump could be very inefficient. In this case, hybrid heating is used. Hybrid heating is when you use a heat pump to work in conjunction with a furnace during the winter months.  Places like Florida and California have mild winters, which can benefit from a heat pump. Places like Florida and California.  Heat pumps would be extremely efficient in those climates and easy to retrofit.

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