Green Home Improvements to do in 2022

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We are facing price hikes in all sectors, so why not save where we can? One way to save on energy bills and other resources is to go for greener homes. Compared to a typical home, a green home consumes less energy, water, and natural resources, produces less waste, and is healthier for the residents. You can either build a green home or retrofit an existing one. Green transformations can be done all at once or gradually. Whichever way you plan to do it, take help from professionals like Waterloo Energy Products and Mechanical – they can guide you on effective ways, acquiring green home grants and more. Here are 5 ways to add green home upgrades.

Install Energy-Efficient Features Or Glaze Windows

Nearly 10% of energy loss happens through the windows. Poor seals, defective installation, and single-pane windows all enable a lot of heat to enter and exit your home, making windows a typical source of energy loss in a home. To prevent air leaks and make your home windows energy-efficient apply window caulk and weatherstrips. Add solar control window film and exterior shadings, such as awnings, external blinds, or overhangs. Heat transfer will be slowed by replacing single-glazed windows with double- or triple-glazed windows. Consider a product packed with a low-conductivity gas, like argon, to further lower this.

Upgrade Insulation

To upgrade your home into a greener house, you first need to reduce energy loss. Upgrades to insulation are the perfect way to reduce energy losses. By installing home air sealing and proper cellulose or spray foam insulation – you can improve energy efficiency. The more energy-efficient your home is the less money you’ll spend on heating and cooling, and the more comfortable you’ll be inside. Get an energy audit of your house to check for causes of energy loss. An energy audit can benefit a lot—you’ll learn more about your house’s current energy use and the most cost-effective upgrades through this. Upgrade to a more elevated level of insulation will prevent extra energy losses.

Invest in Solar Panel Systems

Solar panel installation would contribute immensely to renovating your house into a greener house. Sunlight is converted into power using solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. Solar panels provide your home with 100% clean and free power lowering your electricity bills. Add solar batteries to store excess solar energy for cloudy days or night-time when panels are not producing power. The solar batteries can keep the lights on during shutoffs and help you avoid peak energy prices from your utility company. Solar energy is the ideal green energy source since it uses a renewable resource that can never run out and has nearly no negative environmental impact.

Add Heat Pumps to Green Upgrade

High-efficiency heat pumps can replace all or part of your home’s heating demands, lowering greenhouse gas emissions. Thermostat Hot water heaters use heat from the surrounding air to heat your water, using 70% less electricity than standard electric water heaters to heat the same amount of water. Mini-split heat pumps are air conditioners and heaters (HVAC systems offer both heating and cooling settings), allowing you to replace both your air conditioning and heating unit simultaneously.

Go Geothermal

For many years, geothermal systems have been used to heat and cool homes and buildings. Heating and cooling with these systems are the most cost-effective, energy-efficient, and sustainable options. Your savings and return on investment will be substantial if you heat with oil, propane, or electric heat.


The latest eco-friendly houses are an excellent step toward a low-carbon society. However, the majority of the homes that we live in are already built. Therefore, the need of the hour is to retrofit our existing homes. You can adapt one or more of the upgrades listed above to your home on green energy. Get an energy audit of your home and consult with a professional on the best ways to move forward with green home improvements.

Contact Waterloo Energy Products – our experts will guide you in the best way and help you green upgrade your home.

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