Can You Save Energy Costs by Using Heat Pumps?

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Heat pumps are the topic of the debate on renewable and sustainable energy systems. These are considered superior to conventional heating/cooling systems because they operate on the environmental source. Their efficiency and cost-effectivity also make them the highlight of the industry. Several benefits are cited by those who support heat pumps over conventional gas or oil-based heating/cooling systems. However, the question is can you save energy costs by using heat pumps? If you search the internet, you will find different narratives on this issue. Therefore, Waterloo Energy has decided to help you find a realistic answer to it. This article aims to provide you with insights based on facts and ground realities.

Why Are Heat Pumps an Attractive Alternative?

The upfront expense of heat pumps can be higher. However, getting distressed over it will be unwise, as the long-term benefits are quite promising. Heat pumps have a 20- to 25-year lifespan. Whereas conventional boilers typically last 10 years, you could need to replace two boilers during a heat pump’s lifetime. It will cost you additional fees. The Canadian government has introduced different incentives to encourage citizens to adopt sustainable and environment-friendly energy systems. Initiatives like Canada Greener Homes provide grants to homeowners who become eligible for retrofits. These government-funded schemes help homeowners adopt more energy-efficient heating/cooling systems over conventional methods and save money.

The Challenges in Heat Pumps Usage

The most mentioned challenge in getting a heat pump is the cost. In comparison to gas or oil heaters, heat pumps are much more expensive due to their complex design and technology. Additionally, its installation is difficult and time-consuming compared to other heating/cooling systems. Often heat pump conversion requires structural alterations and a more energy-efficient restoration of the entire building. There are numerous parts outside of buildings. The actual structures themselves must have good insulation. A heat pump is more effective when used with underfloor heating or extra-large radiators.

Nevertheless, heat pumps can be a suitable replacement for conventional systems if your house is adequately insulated. The challenges are few and can be easily overcome compared to the profits of heat pump installation.

Factors that Influence Energy Costs of Heat Pump

Electricity Costs

How much electricity does a heat pump use? Heat pumps are highly energy efficient compared to electrical energy-sourced systems. Compared to electric resistance heating, such as furnaces and baseboard heaters, a modern heat pump can cut your electricity use for heating by about 50%. Because electric heaters consume 3-4 times as much electricity as heat pumps, heat pump installation is a more favourable option.

Require Heating

The amount of heat required to keep the house warm and cozy determines the degree of electricity usage. In a well-insulated house, heat does not escape easily. The heat pump requires less heat generation to keep the house warm when the temperature does not fluctuate suddenly.

Heat Pump Design

Heat pumps keep warm or cool by moving heat rather than generating hot or cold air. The appropriate functioning of a heat pump depends on its efficient design. For a heat pump system to achieve a high Coefficient of Performance (CoP), it must be well designed.

External Temperature

It makes sense that the warmer the heat source is, the easier it will be for the heat pump to attain the desired temperature as it elevates the temperature of low-grade heat to a higher level. Fortunately, ground source heat pumps are unaffected by seasonal variation because the temperature underground stays at a comfortable 10°C all year.

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