Best Furnace Filters to Use in Your Home

Best Furnace Filters to Use in Your Home

Despite what some believe, a furnace filter does not clean all the air in your home. The role of a furnace filter is to protect your furnace’s blower fan. This helps to prevent dirt and debris from passing through the system. Consequently, this process does improve the overall air quality in your home.

Here are some information on air filter types and their function.

Disposable Filters

These filters are an inexpensive option. These filters are built to capture large dust and debris particles. These type of filters are not great if you have allergies or asthma, so we recommend that you get a buy a filter rated to remove smaller particles. Disposable filters are ideal for renters or short-term accommodation.

Disposable Pleated

Pleated air filters are a favorite choice for consumers because they are relatively inexpensive and keep out spores and mites. Some brands manufacture filters using green materials but the average filter is made from cotton or polyester. This type of filter requires regular replacement cannot be left unattended for too long periods because they could get clogged up with debris and block the air flow.

Disposable Electrostatic

Electrostatic filters are more costly than other disposable filters. This type of filter is more effective at capturing smaller particles. This type of filter is great for smokers or people with children or pets.  A disposable electrostatic filter is the best option of all disposable filters and will provide your furnace with more protection.

Permanent Electrostatic

This furnace filter offers the best value for catching particles and allergens and can last 5-8 years. With this type of filter, you do not need to replace it with a new one regularly.  Just pop out the furnace filter and wash it for easy to do maintenance. This is also a better option for the environment because it reduces a lot of waste that you usually see with other filters. Ask Waterloo Energy Products about our permanent electrostatic filter line. We carry a variety of options and sizes.

Be conscious when choosing an air filter with the highest MERV rating. A MERV rating does not mean it is the most effective option. A higher rating can place more stress on your furnace, which in turn can make it less efficient. It always recommended that you check your furnace’s product manual to see which filter that works best with your HVAC system.

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When you need help finding the ideal furnace filter for your home, contact our experts at Waterloo Energy. We provide furnace maintenance services or help you upgrade to a furnace that is very efficient and can save you lots of energy costs.




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