What to Do if You Get a Cracked Heat Exchanger

What to Do if You Get a Cracked Heat Exchanger

When you get a crack of any size in a heat exchanger it should be a concern for your family and their health.

A heat exchanger is designed to allow your HVAC system to run more efficiently by exchanging heat between two different liquids (gases). Depending on the system, it uses the by-products of the systems operations to act as a heater or coolant.

An issue develops when the furnace burns one substance to create more heat and there is a crack. Sometimes harmful chemicals are released through the crack including pure carbon, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and nitrous oxide. These chemicals may cause health issues in small doses and can be fatal in extreme exposures.

When you notice a crack, whether it is big or small you should call a service technician right away. Usually, a cracked heat exchanger will just need a replacement. In some extreme cases, heat exchanger's entire system would need to be placed. It is highly recommended that you consult with a licensed HVAC technician for guidance.

A small crack can cause a lot of consequences for your home if you don't prevent it in time. The cracks in a heat exchanger can get worse when your HVAC system starts a cycle. The different temperatures flowing through the heat exchanger can force it to shrink and expand. The exchanger is most vulnerable to cracks when there are extreme temperatures outside. Being proactive is the best way to prevent this from occurring. We recommend that you limit the using extreme and limiting cycles to your system.

Also be cautious when your system settings are improperly set to meet your home’s requirements. When this happens it may run an inefficient amount of cycles and cause premature wear and tear.

These two scenarios can be prevented by doing regular maintenance on your furnace.

The next time you have your HVAC Service technicians out, ask them to diagnose these problems. They will create more an efficient setting for your system and identify any potential airflow issues within the system. Sometimes it can be as basic as using a different or new filter to help with air flow.




We had issues getting our furnace working. Most companies that we called couldn't see us for weeks. We called Waterloo Energy and they were able to see us the next day. We are very grateful for them coming out since there was a snow storm coming in the forecast. They had our furnace running again the they didn't over charge us for the service call. We will be using them for now on. We are also very happy with the tech because he was very polite.

Gilbert Parkes

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Cindy and Bian Coughlin, Newmarket, ON

I would highly recommend Waterloo Energy Products; they did an outstanding job and took care of us! They Installed a Geothermal System and in floor heating. They were always available to answer all our questions about our Geothermal investment. What I liked best is that the owner came to our home to inspect the project. The team at Waterloo Energy is great to work with and did everything they said they were going to do! Thanks a billion for the outstanding customer service! Cheers

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