Heat Your Pool with These Creative Methods

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We know you want to enjoy swimming in a warm pool, but the outdoor temperatures keep you from doing so. You can heat the pool and make it more enjoyable. However, conventional approaches to heating a pool can feel complex and expensive. For instance, the most common way to warm up a pool is with an electric or gas heater, but they are costly to operate. Here we will tell you some affordable ways to keep your icy pool water warm if you are willing to get creative.

Build Windscreen Around Pool

Wind causes the water to evaporate. Heat loss occurs when water evaporates at an accelerated rate, and the remaining water in the pool turns cold quickly. Therefore, building a windscreen across your pool is a great idea to save heat. Especially if you live in a windy area, you must opt for this option to retain the heat in the pool. Furthermore, blocking the wind will also allow the pool’s occupants to feel warmer due to the blocked air.

Spread a Solar Cover

Evaporation is a significant cause of heat loss from the pool. Water heated by the sun rises to the top of the pool, where it evaporates. Hence, preventing excessive water evaporation can be helpful to keep your pool warmer. A solar cover is an excellent solution because it creates a barrier that prevents heated water from escaping. Also, solar covers contain tiny air pockets that capture heat from the sun and transfer it to the water. These air pockets are similar to bubble wrap in appearance and feel. It is estimated that a solar cover can increase the temperature of a pool by 12 degrees by blocking evaporation and transferring heat.

Lay Solar Mats

A solar mat comprises a flat black vinyl sheet with several water-holding tubes inside. The mat placed flat on a roof or another surface absorbs the sun’s heat. The water is heated as it passes through the tubes inside the mat and is then pumped back into the pool by a pump.

Float Solar Rings

Solar rings in multiples are used to heat your pool and retain it for extended hours. They act as a solar cover, keeping heated water from leaving the pool while absorbing and transferring sunlight’s heat. Solar rings function similarly to solar covers, but these are much easier to use than solar covers. Although solar rings are more accessible to place and remove than a full-size cover, they are less effective at heating the water than full-size solar covers.

Use Solar Pool Heater

A solar pool heater uses solar energy to heat water in a pool by pumping it from the pool to the solar cells on the roof. The cells heat the water before it flows back into the pool. The cost of purchasing and installing a solar pool heater is between $3,000 and $4,000, but it does not require operating costs. So it is a worthwhile investment with long-term financial benefits. Solar cells should be used with a solar cover for best results.

Evacuated Solar Tube Systems

Use of solar energy for water heating is a renewable and reliable source. The evacuated Solar Tube System is ideal for heating pools in winter and summer. It is a closed-loop, ‘pumped’ system of heating a swimming pool that circulates either pure water or a heat-transfer fluid through a solar collector during its operation. The heat is transferred directly from the heat source to the swimming pool using a heat exchanger. As much as 80-100% of annual hot water production costs can be reduced by using a Solar Thermal Collector.

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