The Carbon Tax – Carbon Dioxide In Perspective

May 2, 2018by admin0

The carbon tax is a controversial science that the Government doesn’t want made public. The above three-minute video puts carbon dioxide into perspective.  Yes, it’s principally aimed at Australia but the science, not hype, is universal.  How can the implementation of a tax effectively reduce the carbon footprint?  Australia has repealed their carbon tax. The politicians use this tool so they can line their pensions and give support to other Countries.


Jim Bolger’s Thoughts About the Video and the Topic in General

This is another example of “paid for propaganda”. You need to simply “follow the money”. This guy (Malcolm Roberts) is being “paid for” by an outfit called the Galileo Movement to refute the staggering scientific evidence that human behavior is adversely affecting our climate!! He has an extensive background in the coal industry. The guy is basically an idiot on a mission. The sad part to me that we are all surrounded by, otherwise intelligent people who continue to “drink the kool-aid” with this type of nonsense.

This is exactly what transpired in the tobacco industry for years. They spent billions of dollars hiring “somewhat, otherwise, credible people”  to refute the scientific evidence that smoking was bad for you and causes various forms of cancer. We all know how that turned out!!

A couple of clarifications;

  1. Ontario does NOT have a Carbon Tax; They don’t work; Politicians put the money back into their pockets and do nothing to combat climate change or carbon emissions reductions!!
  2. We have a Cap & Trade System where “polluters” need to purchase, on the free Cap & Trade market with Ontario, Quebec & California, credits to offset their carbon emissions;
  3. Since Cap & Trade started the Province has raised $2.3 Billion from the sale of these carbon credits that are being used to fund the Climate Change Action Plan (CCAP);
  4. The CCAP is pouring all these funds directly back into the Province of Ontario to promote electricity based carbon free space conditioning (geothermal & air source heat pumps), electric vehicles, energy conservation by promoting insulation, better windows, LED light bulbs, etc;
  5. The CCAP is being administered by an entity called GreenON & IESO;
  6. Not one dime is going back into “general coffers” or funding election campaigns or any other BS that people are trying to suggest!!
  7. So far the CCAP has benefitted Ontario residents & business to the tune of $millions of dollars and provided 1000’s of quality jobs all to the benefit of our economy!

Jim Bolger is the owner and president of Waterloo Energy Products.

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