My Furnace Stopped During A Winter Storm

My Furnace Stopped During A Winter Storm

Another winter storm has caused your furnace to stop working, don’t panic, you are in the right place.

You woke up cold and looked out the window to see large amounts of ice and snow. You put your foot over the vent and felt cold air blowing. You run downstairs and look at your thermostat to see it's 18 degrees Celsius. You realize your furnace has shut down without any warning.

If you have an older furnace, you start thinking of all the possibilities, especially if this could be a more significant issue. We recommend that you check your intake and exhaust pipes for ice and snow. If there is any blockage, clear it off before you call a service technician. If that doesn't work, then call Waterloo Energy Products.

Many high efficient furnaces have an intake and/or exhaust pipes that run to the exterior of your home. Many times, when there are is a winter storm that has large snowfalls, or freezing rain can clog up these pipes. When this happens, your furnace will stop due to the restriction of airflow.

Here are some guidelines for the troubleshooting process:

Step 1: Locate the exhaust/intake pipes connected to your furnace.
Step 2: Follow the pipes to the exterior wall, so you know where they are outside.
Step 3: Bundled up to go outside
Step 4: Get your snow shovel.
Step 5: Find the pipes and start digging.
Step 6: Remove all the snow and ice surrounding the area to assure that you don’t have an ongoing issue.
Step 7: Look to see if anything is clogging the pipes and remove any debris.
Step 8: The furnace should begin running. However, if it does not run, you will need to start it up yourself. Read the instructions attached to your furnace.
Step 9: If your furnace still doesn't run call Waterloo Energy Products immediately. 

Contact Waterloo Energy Products for emergency services. We are always happy to help!




We had an emergency job to fix our heat pump at our home. I checked out some hvac contractors and decided to go with Waterloo Energy because they had the best reviews on the internet. They came out fast and did a diagnosis. I was very grateful that they didn't try to oversell me on a bigger repair before they even knew what the problem was. I liked that they were so honest and upfront about the repair. They were friendly, fast. I would highly recommend them because they are professional and solid company to work with.

Norah Gardner

I would rate Waterloo Energy Products 10 stars if I had the option too. I was delighted with there customer service and support that we received. My A/C needed fixing so I called my realtor for his suggestion. He recommended Waterloo Energy Products. The customer service was very professional and they arranged to see me in a day. I couldn't have asked for a better company to work with. They came over and fixed the issue quickly. I had my A/C running and the cost was much lower than I expected. I highly recommend Waterloo Energy Products.

Gerry Snyder

Best resource for Geothermal Systems. I am building a new home this Spring and am interested in getting a Geothermal System. I have to give credit to the sales team for knowing everything about what they sell. I did some research before coming out for a presentation at their shop in Maryhill. During our meeting, I hammered them with complex questions. To my surprise, they answered all my questions with great answers, information and confidence. I am going ahead with this investment and what I like best is they can add heated floors by taping into the Geothermal system. I can't wait to break ground. Thanks guys!

Brian W

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