Benefits of Geothermal Cooling in 2022

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We assume you are here because you wish to use the geothermal system for cooling your house this summer. Great choice! Geothermal energy is a current favourite because it is an environmentally friendly and renewable source. The carbon footprint is low compared to fossil fuel-dependent energy production. Geothermal heat pumps are beneficial as a two-in-one HVAC system that is equally good for winters and summers.

How does a Geothermal Cooling System Works?

geothermal system uses the energy from the sun, which is stored in the earth, to run an HVAC system. The temperature under the earth’s surface maintains itself at around 10°C (50°F). In summers, the heat transfer occurs in reverse. A heat pump removes hot air from your house and dissipates it into the ground through the circulating fluid. Your room is filled with cool air as a geothermal heat pump extracts heat from circulated air, transfers that heat to the ground, and returns cool air to your home. When it comes to cooling your home with geothermal energy, you’ll enjoy several environmental benefits. The numerous benefits of employing geothermal cooling systems overshadow possible disadvantages. Let’s have a look at the benefits of geothermal cooling.

Benefits of Geothermal Cooling

A Valuable Investment

The ideal approach is to look for long-term benefits before purchasing massive equipment. Geothermal heating and cooling system is a perfect choice; by making an initial investment, you can reduce the expenditures in the long run. Geothermal system installation costs may vary, but this system will surely save you money over time. You will save money on your energy costs because a geothermal system uses sustainable energy to heat or cool your home. The upfront cost might seem higher than conventional HVAC systems due to minimizing operational costs – it is cheaper than traditional heating and cooling systems.

Reduces Energy Costs

If you are worried about the heavy monthly electricity bills, shift towards geothermal cooling systems. The energy efficiency of these systems is remarkable. A geothermal cooling system cuts the energy costs by 75%. Geothermal air conditioning outperforms conventional central air conditioning in terms of efficiency. Your geothermal heat pump is not wasting energy by pumping hot air from inside into an already hot environment; it readily releases heat into the cool underground. Geothermal systems are energy-saving, help lower long-term costs, and use clean and renewable energy. You will save money and help the environment by installing a geothermal system.

Low Maintenance

Another benefit of geothermal systems is low maintenance and has a longer lifespan. Low operation costs, quieter operating units, and longer lifespan make them an ideal choice for cooling your home in summer. Conventional systems have several units, and seasonal changes affect their functioning; consequently, frequent maintenance is required. Geothermal cooling systems do not require much upkeep. The subsurface looping system lasts well over 50 years, and the geothermal cooling system pump lasts well over 20 years.

Renewable and Environment Friendly

Climate change is a significant challenge world is facing currently. The Canadian government has also set regulations to reduce environmental pollutants. Using geothermal heating and cooling systems instead of conventional HVAC, you do society and the environment a favour. Geothermal cooling systems reduce carbon footprint sufficiently. When it comes to human health, geothermal is better and more health-friendly than traditional HVAC. Byproducts of traditional combustion-based heating systems include carbon monoxide, which is dangerous and can cause illness or death.

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