Solar Thermal - How it Works

The operation of an evacuated tube solar thermal system is very simple and trouble-free, providing hot water for years and years!

Heat transfer from the absorber ( Evacuated Tube ) to the fluid circuit is performed by the "heat pipe". A heat pipe is a closed system, carefully evacuated and charged with a small amount of water before it is sealed. The absorber imparts heat to this water, causing it to evaporate. The steam rises to the upper end of the heat pipe where it transfers heat to the fluid circuit via a metallic conduction bridge. Being a "dry" connection, fluid in the heating circuit does not flow through the collector.

The absorber and heat pipe are mounted in a sealed evacuated glass tube, cutting heat losses via conduction and convection. The stable vacuum assures that the collector performs at low outside temperatures and protects the absorber against the environment. This heat is then transferred to an indoor hot water storage tank ready for you and your family to use!


Typical System Setup

Solar Thermal - How it works


Vacuum Tube Operation



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