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Waterloo Energy Products is a HVAC & Renewable Energy Contractor specializing in Design-Build, Service and Maintenance for the Residential, Commercial and Industrial Sectors.

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Air-Source Heat Pump

Waterloo Energy Products offers sales, service and the installation of Air Source Heat Pump and Ductless HVAC systems.

Air-Source Heat Pump Rebates

Get Greenon Air Source Heat Pumps Rebates with Waterloo Energy Products. We are a GreenON participating contractor. Save up to $5,800 in rebates.


Waterloo Energy Products provides articles with news, tips and advice


Waterloo Energy Products sells and installs many types of trusted boilers including IBC and Viessmann. We also provide boiler service.


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Commercial HVAC

When you choose Waterloo Energy for your Commercial HVAC project, you are working with the most technically skilled HVAC integration team in Ontario.


Contact Waterloo Energy Products for 24 Hour Service. We are an HVAC Contractor that offers products and services for heating and cooling, geothermal, boilers,solar, in floor heating and generators

Design Services

Waterloo Energy Products offers Mechanical Design Services. Click here for more information.


Waterloo Energy Products documents for downloads. Click Here for pdf, documents and more


Waterloo Energy Products answers frequently asked questions about High Efficiency Heating & Cooling, Boilers, In-floor Heating, Geothermal, Ductwork, Mechanical System Design and More


Waterloo Energy Products offers financing options for HVAC projects. Learn more


Waterloo Energy Products Inc. is a fully trained manufacturers sales and installation representative of Generac / Genset emergency/standby generator systems.


Geothermal Energy - Get a geothermal system installed in your home or business. We sell and service geothermal heat pumps.

Geothermal Benefits

Geothermal Benefits: Using geothermal for heating and cooling offers reduces energy costs and carbon emissions.

Geothermal GreenOn Rebates

Get Greenon Geothermal Heating Rebates with Waterloo Energy Products. We are a GreenON participating contractor. Save up to $20,000 in rebates.

Heating and Cooling

Waterloo Energy Products is a Heating and Cooling HVAC Contractor. We service Residental and Commercial Central Air and Furnaces.


Waterloo Energy Products specializes in the design, installation, sales and service for the residential, commercial, and industrial HVAC and Renewable Energy Systems.

How Solar PV Works

How Solar PV Works - Advantages of PV Solar Energy

How Solar Thermal Works

Understand the benefits of how Solar Thermal works. Waterloo Energy

Hydro One Rebates

Hydro One is offering rebates up to $4,000 for air-source heat pumps. Waterloo Energy Products is a participating contractor. Click here now

In Floor Heating

In-Floor radiant heating can be extremely beneficial in heating your home or business. By using heated floors as a heat source you will feel the increased comfort.


Choose Waterloo Energy for your commercial or residential HVAC, Geothermal, Boilers, Solar PV, or Generators projects.


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Waterloo energy provides residential and commercial maintenance Services for HVAC, generator, boiler, solar or geothermal system and more. We service Ontario

Our Team

Meet our team at Waterloo Energy Products.


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Recent Projects

Waterloo Energy Products: See our most Recent Projects for HVAC, Solar, Geothermal, Heat Recovery and more.

Residential HVAC

Waterloo Energy offers the most energy efficient HVAC system available on the market today. Our equipment line up is the most cost effective, energy efficient for heating and cooling your home.

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Waterloo Energy Products Site Map

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Solar PV

Solar PV is a great option for homeowners and businesses who are looking to invest into solar power renewable energy. We sell and do install Solar Photovoltaic Systems.

Solar Thermal

Solar Thermal Collectors can be used for multiple applications including domestic hot water, radiant floor heating, pool and spa heating, and much more.


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Sustainable Living Centre

Our Waterloo Energy Products head office is deservingly branded the "The Sustainable Living Centre" and showcases High Efficiency HVAC and Renewable Energy Products and Services under one roof.


Renewable Energy Contractor Reviews: Waterloo Energy Products reviews and testimonials. We specialize in High-Efficiency Heating & Cooling, Boilers, In-floor Heating, Geothermal, Ductwork and more.

Trane Comfort Specialist

Waterloo Energy Products is a Trane Comfort Specialist. We are committed to being the best in installation, service and customer satisfaction.

Union Gas Rebates

The Home Reno Rebate from Union Gas is perfect for anyone planning renovations or upgrades for their home in the near future. Get up to 5000 in rebates


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Best Furnace Filters to Use in Your Home

Despite what some believe, a furnace filter does not clean all the air in your home. The role of a furnace filter is to protect your furnace’s blower fan. This helps to prevent dirt and debris from passin...

Bring Back the GreenON Energy Rebate Program

Jim Bolger, one of the owners of Waterloo Energy Products in Maryhill Ontario and the current president of the Ontario Geothermal Association (OGA) decided to write to Premier Doug Ford asking hi...

Ductless Mini-Split Systems Are a Smart Solution

A ductless mini-split system works exceptionally well in combination with a forced air furnace and central air conditioning. The system provides improved comfort throughout the entire house. Sometimes there cou...

Invest in to a Smart Thermostat and Get a GreenOn Rebate

This season is the best time to upgrade your old thermostat to a smart one. If you live in a house, condominium or apartment unit in Ontario you could get a $100 rebate if your heating and cooling system is com...

Is buying a hot water heater really cheaper than renting?

Buying a hot water heater vs. renting one has been an ongoing debate for homeowners for many years, and the answer may surprise you.  Renting a hot water heater in Ontario costs roughly between $15-$55 a ...

Making the Right Air Conditioning Choice

Old, inefficient air conditioners can end up costing a lot of money because they simply aren’t running at peak efficiency any longer.  In Ontario, the minimum SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) ...

My Furnace Stopped During A Winter Storm

Another winter storm has caused your furnace to stop working, don’t panic, you are in the right place. You woke up cold and looked out the window to see large amounts of ice and snow. You put your foot o...

New Website For Waterloo Energy Products

Waterloo Energy Products is proud to announce the launch of our new and improved website. The new site features a new design with a fresh look. The primary goal of this website is to function as an effect...

Purchasing a Central Air Conditioner, Consider This

Portable air conditioners and window units are great if you need to cool one room in your home. To cool your entire home you will need a central air conditioning system. Central air helps keep your family happy...

Reasons to Schedule a Furnace Inspection

WHY A FURNACE INSPECTION?When taking into consideration your household equipment, many times your furnace is typically overlooked. Your furnace is the most important piece of equipment that gets the most use. Y...

The Carbon Tax - Carbon Dioxide In Perspective

The carbon tax is a controversial science that the Government doesn't want made public. The above three-minute video puts carbon dioxide into perspective.  Yes, it's principally aimed at Australia but the ...

Tips For Reducing Your Air Conditioning Costs

This summer has been a hot one with plenty of heat waves. To reduce your hydro bill, you will have to take proactive measures. We asked our cooling experts to give some tips on how you can save money and still ...

What to Do if You Get a Cracked Heat Exchanger

When you get a crack of any size in a heat exchanger it should be a concern for your family and their health. A heat exchanger is designed to allow your HVAC system to run more efficiently by exchanging heat b...

When to Replace a Furnace or Central Air Conditioning Unit

Not sure when is the right time to replace your furnace or air conditioner? Check out the most common reasons to replace your Furnace or Central Air Conditioning Unit. The furnace won’t heat the h...

Why You Should Consider a Geothermal System

Geothermal energy is considered to be one of the most beneficial sources of energy. What makes this energy so great is that it is a renewable type of energy, outperforming even some conventional sources. With t...

Why Your Air Conditioner Makes Your Home Feel Damp

Air conditioners typically remove humidity from the air during the summer; however, there are instances where a home feels cold but DAMP when the AC is running. This usually points to the blower motor in your f...



It has been a real pleasure to deal with Jim from Waterloo Energy Products from the moment Jim first turned up at my home to the installation that was handled so well by Jason and his colleague. Having had previous conversations with some of the bigger guys out there who really weren't very professional and just verbally quoted prices or wrote their prices on the back of a business card, it is so refreshing to see that sales professionals like yourself still believe in good old fashion customer service and putting customers first. The only company that provided a written quotation. I want to finish off by saying that we look forward to our new Trane XR16 Air conditioner this summer and just want to say " a big thank you for great service " to Jim and Jason from Waterloo Energy Products. Do yourself a big favor and call them first, you won't be sorry.

Jerry Williams

We had an emergency job to fix our heat pump at our home. I checked out some hvac contractors and decided to go with Waterloo Energy because they had the best reviews on the internet. They came out fast and did a diagnosis. I was very grateful that they didn't try to oversell me on a bigger repair before they even knew what the problem was. I liked that they were so honest and upfront about the repair. They were friendly, fast. I would highly recommend them because they are professional and solid company to work with.

Norah Gardner

We bought an air conditioning and furnace system from Waterloo Energy Products several years ago and were very happy with their customer service. We've then, we moved to a new home that required a new furnace and AC. We immediately called Waterloo Energy and they came out to explain the different systems they have that were based on our needs. What I liked best is their incredibly knowledgeable, friendly customer service and they were patient with us after we asked 20 questions. Within a few days, our new Trane Furnace and AC was installed and it works perfectly. The service technicians who installed the unit were very professional, efficient, and knowledgeable. We've always get outstanding service.

Birtha Tiller

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