When to replace a furnace or central air conditioning unit?

Typically, there are 9 tell-tale signs that it’s time to replace your furnace:

  • The furnace won’t heat the home since a major, out-of-warranty component has failed.
  • Rooms heat unevenly – as your furnace ages, it can become difficult to maintain even heat distribution. If the furnace is overheating or the burners are rusted, it will shut-off prematurely and cause uneven temperatures in your home. A Modulating or Two-Stage furnace will heat you home more evenly than a single stage furnace. They are also quieter in when operating lower stages.
  • You’re constantly having to repair the system
  • You struggle with summertime humidity problems continuously – the furnace blower motor may not be a variable speed. VS motors help ACs in Ontario dehumidify better in the summer.
  • Energy bills are on the rise due to increased consumption, so efficiency is failing (independent of the weather) Remember – Furnaces use both Gas and Electricity. The blower motor in your furnace should be an ECM, which uses considerably less than standard PSC motors. ECM motors are mandatory for furnaces installed in NEW homes in Ontario.
  • Your system becomes noisy and develops hums, rattles or buzzes. These are internal noises – not noises in your ductwork. It is important to differentiate.
  • The furnace heat exchanger is cracked. Make sure it is a real crack! Many companies falsely diagnose this in an effort to make a sale.
  • You see signs of excessive dust, dirt, soot or rust particles in furnace venting or on the burners.
  • Your system is over 15-20 years old – this varies greatly depending on the system’s maintenance and usage. Newer equipment can increase comfort and energy savings.

If you have noticed any of these signs, please speak with an Waterloo Energy Home Comfort Specialist immediately, before minor problems turn into major disasters.


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