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Evacuated Solar Tube Systems


Take advantage of harnessing the suns solar heat with our evacuated solar tube systems.

A Solar Thermal Collector can reduce annual hot water production costs by as much as 80-100%. As well it provides you independence from fossil fuels for a significant part of the year.

Solar Thermal Collectors can be used for multiple applications including domestic hot water, radiant floor heating, pool and spa heating, and much more!!

Our evacuated tubes are high performance and designed for any climate, with effective operation down to -22°F

As well Solar Thermal Systems generate zero greenhouse gas emissions, in fact, it will decrease your overall household CO2 output by up to 30%

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I would highly recommend Waterloo Energy Products; they did an outstanding job and took care of us! They Installed a Geothermal System and in floor heating. They were always available to answer all our questions about our Geothermal investment. What I liked best is that the owner came to our home to inspect the project. The team at Waterloo Energy is great to work with and did everything they said they were going to do! Thanks a billion for the outstanding customer service! Cheers

Karla Charlton

We bought an air conditioning and furnace system from Waterloo Energy Products several years ago and were very happy with their customer service. We've then, we moved to a new home that required a new furnace and AC. We immediately called Waterloo Energy and they came out to explain the different systems they have that were based on our needs. What I liked best is their incredibly knowledgeable, friendly customer service and they were patient with us after we asked 20 questions. Within a few days, our new Trane Furnace and AC was installed and it works perfectly. The service technicians who installed the unit were very professional, efficient, and knowledgeable. We've always get outstanding service.

Birtha Tiller

I wanted to thank the team at Waterloo Energy Products for all their help. Our 20 year old furnace stopped working a few weeks ago. Our house was freezing, and we need someone to help immediately. We found Waterloo Energy on Google and called their 24 hour number. They came out immediately and got our furnace running again. We were so impressed with the service that a few weeks later, we decided to call them back and get a quote on a new furnace. My wife and I decided to purchase a new Trane Furnace and a maintenance plan. They installed it and explained how everything it works. We highly recommend that you call them. It was worth it. Thanks Again!

Casper J.

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