Solar PV - Photovoltaic Systems

Waterloo Energy is a Renewable Energy Company

Solar PV is a great option for homeowners and businesses who are looking to invest in the future of their buildings and properties. By producing power, not only does the value of the building increase, but there are many benefits to installing solar.

Solar PV energy has the following advantages:

  • Rebates and Feed in Tariff programs available (Contact us for current programs)
  • Low operating costs
  • High reliability, demonstrated life of 25+ yrs
  • Power generation at the point of use
  • Improved production efficiencies (less transmission loss)
  • Quick installation
  • Max sunlight hours correspond with peak demand/prices
  • Fuel source is vast and clean

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I wanted to thank the team at Waterloo Energy Products for their help. I decided to do my own maintenance on my A/C unit. When I took the unit apart and tried to remove the fan, I accidentally disconnected a wire that went to the compressor. The A/C unit starting to act weird and was cycling so I called for help. They came out quickly and fixed the problem. I was very grateful that they didn't try to sell me a new A/C. I only got charged a dispatch fee. I am grateful for their honesty and will refer them to my network. Thanks again

Darryl Royce

I was very pleased with the sales team at Waterloo Energy Products. My husband and I were interested in a Geothermal Energy System. We were invited in to their showroom for a full presentation. We were offered refreshments and they answered all our questions and we had a lot of them. We have decided to go ahead with the project and we are waiting for the installation to be done in the spring of 2019. We can't wait! Thanks Jim and your team, your expertise made us feel confident moving forward.

Carrie L.

Looking forward to our first summer with your Solar install ! Also pleased with the geothermal... Maybe a Living Wall next? Thanks for helping us make our home healthy, green and save money.

Aaron & Jen of The Robert's Centre of Integrated Health

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