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Waterloo Energy is a Renewable Energy Company

Solar PV is a great option for homeowners and businesses who are looking to invest in the future of their buildings and properties. By producing power, not only does the value of the building increase, but there are many benefits to installing solar.

Solar PV energy has the following advantages:

  • Rebates and Feed in Tariff programs available (Contact us for current programs)
  • Low operating costs
  • High reliability, demonstrated life of 25+ yrs
  • Power generation at the point of use
  • Improved production efficiencies (less transmission loss)
  • Quick installation
  • Max sunlight hours correspond with peak demand/prices
  • Fuel source is vast and clean

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Pricing was competitive and the great referral were the deciding factors. Every one of the people at the job site were courteous and respectful.

Cindy and Bian Coughlin, Newmarket, ON

Gentlemen: I have been in sales and service all of my life (over 50 years) and I found your company to be top notch in every way. We met with many of your staff and workers and were given answers to all of our questions and in a very pleasant and courteous way. We were given the opportunity to visit your office and given other places for us to evaluate. We received three alternative pricings over several months from Eric and also received three other quotations from other companies. We found your pricing to be competitive.

Allan and Eileen Tremills

Just wish to express our appreciation for a professionally installed Geo Ground source system. Your well trained personnel (my observation) were not only courteous, but expressively informative, and it appears content and proud of their participation in a project that they have completed.

June and Terence McGarigle, Belwood, ON

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