News Story Monday, August 03, 2020

Are you considering adding solar power to your home or commercial property?

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Solar PV is an excellent option for homeowners and businesses that are looking to invest in the future of their buildings and properties. There are many benefits to installing solar panels, and it also helps to increase the value of the property.

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News Story Thursday, July 30, 2020

Our evacuated solar tube system offers high performance and is designed for any climate, with an effective operation down to -22°F.

Are you taking advantage of solar?
Our evacuated solar tube system offers high performance and is designed for any climate, with an effective operation down to -22°F. These tubes are designed to take advantage of harnessing the sun's solar heat to reduce your annual hot water production costs by as much as 80-100%.

Join the movement to become independent from fossil fuels. Solar Thermal Collectors can also be used for multiple applications including domestic hot water, radiant floor heating, pool, spa heating, and much more!
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Check out our drone footage from the Snider Solar Project that we did.

It shows the scale of the Solar PV. Are you thinking about investing into a Solar PV System?

Call us at (519) 648-9977. This is a great option for homeowners and businesses who are interested in investing in the future of their buildings and properties.

Solar PV Energy has the following advantages:
- Fuel source is vast and clean
- Low operating costs
- High reliability, demonstrated life of 25+ yrs
- Quick installation
- Scalable and deployable in many different configurations
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News Story Monday, July 13, 2020

Here are three reasons why you should consider adding solar PV to your home or business.

1. Protect the environment
2. Drastically reduce or even eliminate your electric bills
3. Increase your property value
There are many reasons why homeowners and commercial property owners should go solar, but improving the environment and cutting energy costs are the most common.

Waterloo Energy has everything that you need to make your solar PV project happen.

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News Story Wednesday, May 20, 2020

An interesting article published by Global News about Saskatoon getting its first net-zero housing units.

These units create as much energy as they use by using solar panels. They’re one of only seven projects across Canada being used to help influence the 2030 national building code. There will be six buildings on the property with two and three-bedroom units. Unfortunately, some Neighbours are fighting against this project claiming the building would allow those residents to stare into their homes. What do you think?


Here is an interesting article from the Sudbury Star about Portable solar generators.

Portable solar generators can’t deliver the quantity of power offered by even a medium-sized gas-powered generator. Still, they can keep on providing power indefinitely with no need for fuel. Every model needs to be assessed by answering three key questions.

1. How long will it run?

2. How long to recharge?

3. How much power?

Read the entire article here. If you would like more information on solar pv and solar thermal solutions for your home or business, call our experts at 519-648-9977.


News Story Friday, May 08, 2020

Did your pool heater die over the winter? If you are looking for options, consider a solar thermal solution instead.

Harnesses the power of the sun to heat your pool. Our evacuated tubes offer high performance and are designed for any climate, with effective operation down to -22°F. Feel better knowing that your new solar thermal system generates zero greenhouse gas emissions. Start planning to get your pool ready for summer 2020. Contact Waterloo Energy Products today at (519) 648-9977 for more information on our system.






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