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News Story Wednesday, July 29, 2020

We want to thank Igmar Cortes for his Google review.

Igmar said the following,

"I can't say enough positive about Waterloo Energy Products. This is the first time I have used them for my yearly geothermal maintenance and the technician (Justin) was outstanding. He called when he was en route, called when he arrived and spend more time with our system than any other company we have ever had. He answered my questions politely, professionally and recommended maintenance tips I had never thought of, or been told to follow. I am glad to say that I feel so much better knowing Waterloo Energy Products is in my corner day or night. Thanks Jason and Justin, was a real pleasure. I am a loyal customer from today forward."

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Flashback Friday! We did this project back in 2011

Flashback Friday! We did this project back in 2011 with this commercial geothermal customer testimonial. Sensei Roy discusses the cost savings he has reaped from the geothermal installation Waterloo Energy Products completed for his Shido-Kan Karate Studio in Guelph, Ontario.

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Flashback Friday! All the way back to 2011 with this geothermal customer testimonial.

Janek, Dorothy & family discuss the cost savings and environmental benefits of the horizontal geothermal system, and hot water pre-heat tank, Waterloo Energy Products installed at their residence in 2008 in Wellesley Township, Ontario.

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News Story Monday, June 08, 2020

A new generation of condominium buildings is being designed with a focus on reduced carbon footprints.

Collecdev is implementing geothermal energy systems in new condos. A new generation of condominium buildings is being designed with a focus on reduced carbon footprints and long-term savings for residents. Two GTA condo developments are under construction with geothermal energy systems, and another soon to begin. This is great news! What do you think? Check out the entire article here.


News Story Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Consider investing in a Geothermal System and reduce your carbon footprint.

Maybe your kids will say you're an environmental superhero. Geothermal systems use a renewable resource, the earth, which is efficient and non-polluting. Replacing a fossil fuel system with geothermal immediately cuts your household energy emissions by 50%, the equivalent of taking four cars off the road.   One geothermal unit provides your home with heating, cooling, and a portion of your domestic hot water. There is no noisy outside equipment, and it's hooked directly into your ventilation system. It can also be attached to the water and in-floor heating system. A geothermal system is a long-term investment that helps the environment and pays for itself over time. Call our Geothermal Sales Team at (519) 648-9977 for a geothermal consultation.

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Flashback Friday! Here's a geothermal customer from back in 2011

Garry Malo discusses the benefits of the vertical geothermal system Waterloo Energy Products installed to replace the oil furnace at their residence and business, Pfeifer Gallery & Cafe, in Wellesley Township, Ontario. 


News Story Friday, April 24, 2020

Ontario Association of Architects (OAA) is going for net-zero with their new retrofit.

They will reach the goal by installing a geothermal system and three types of solar panels, as well as reducing energy consumption. The geothermal heating and cooling uses a closed-loop ground-source exchange system, composed of a double circular field of 15 wells that are more than 180 metres deep. As Toronto’s climate requires more heating than cooling, the field is balanced using warm water from solar hot water panels on the roof. See the entire article for all the details. What do you think?






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