Purchasing a Central Air Conditioner, Consider This

Purchasing a Central Air Conditioner, Consider This

Portable air conditioners and window units are great if you need to cool one room in your home. To cool your entire home you will need a central air conditioning system.
Central air helps keep your family happy indoors during the hot summer months. Central air can also improve and renew the air quality in your household. Just before you buy any old central air conditioner, we recommend that you consider these important things:

The Size of Your Home
When investing into a Central Air Conditioner you have to take into consideration the size of your home. Your home’s cooling load is the amount of cooling your system has to provide to offer adequate comfort. This may vary according to various factors including the size of windows and doors, wall insulation levels and more. Ultimately, your unit will need to be sized by a professional air conditioning contractor who will take into account all the important factors. We highly suggest that you never just wing it when it comes to estimating the proper size. Unfortunately, buying a smaller sized unit won’t effectively remove humidity in the air and the direct result will be a damp home.

Choose One With the Best Energy Efficiency
Choose the most energy efficient central air system because this equals about 40 – 60% of your energy costs. An ENERGY STAR qualified product is recognized as the mark of high-efficiency products in Canada. Look out for a central air conditioning systems that have the minimum rating of 14.5 or higher. Keep in mind the more you spend on your investment the higher your savings will be when you lower your energy bills over its lifetime.

How Loud is the Unit?
We suggest that you check the sound rating of the Central Air Conditioner. This accounts for the sound emitted by the outdoor unit so the lower the sound rating, the better. Pick a system with an outdoor sound rating of about 7.6 B or lower.

What is the Warranty?
We recommend that you look for a long warranty. Make sure you read it and fully understand the terms of a warranty. CHeck to see what maintenance is required by the dealer so you can prevent issues down the line. Many manufacturers usually offer a warranty of up to 10 years. Ask our sales team about the warranty on a Trane.

A reliable contractor is the most important part of your Central Air Conditioner investment. We suggest you check reviews online, ask friends for referrals and get a couple of quotes from other contractors. The cheapest offer isn't the best. Not all contractor offer the same customer service and support. Pick a contractor who is upfront and will to calculate the cooling load for your house, provide you with information, it’s SEER rating and answer all your questions about the warranty.

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We bought an air conditioning and furnace system from Waterloo Energy Products several years ago and were very happy with their customer service. We've then, we moved to a new home that required a new furnace and AC. We immediately called Waterloo Energy and they came out to explain the different systems they have that were based on our needs. What I liked best is their incredibly knowledgeable, friendly customer service and they were patient with us after we asked 20 questions. Within a few days, our new Trane Furnace and AC was installed and it works perfectly. The service technicians who installed the unit were very professional, efficient, and knowledgeable. We've always get outstanding service.

Birtha Tiller

Thank you! It's a fantastic system! P.S. First time that this house is actually warm and comfortable!

Krys Gazo, Grand Valley, ON

Just wish to express our appreciation for a professionally installed Geo Ground source system. Your well trained personnel (my observation) were not only courteous, but expressively informative, and it appears content and proud of their participation in a project that they have completed.

June and Terence McGarigle, Belwood, ON

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