What Geothermal Heat Pumps Do

If you happen to be a homeowner who might be interested in saving money and using energy more smartly in your residence, consider geothermal. You could be thinking what geothermal is and how do geothermal heat pumps work?

We have got you covered.

The soil continues to be at a very constant temperature of around 10°C just under the frost line. Residence geothermal systems use this regular ground temperature to more correctly heat and cool homes.

Household geothermal systems are made by two standard parts:
  • A geothermal heat pump that sits inside the home 
  • Underground pipes called “ground loops” 
To transfer heat from one place to another it needs a heat pump that uses a little amount of electricity. This functions like a freezer heat pump in action. Freezers pump warm air out with a closed loop of freezing cold coils and returns as refrigerated air.

Geothermal heat pumps operate in a similar manner. A non-toxic antifreeze solution is pumped through a closed set of pipes underground. Throughout this process, it picks up the neighboring temperature of the ground. When the solution enters the ground hot, it steadily cools itself down to 10°C before coming back to the house. The reverse is true if cold, it’ll steadily warm itself up to 10°C before going back.

Once this 10°C solution enters the residence, it is piped into the geothermal heat pump. During the winter, the heat pump uses the ambient temperature of the ground and some electricity to heat a home. Throughout the summer, the process gets reversed. Hot air gets pumped into the system and is dispersed into the stable and relatively cooler earth. The final result is an energy-efficient way to run your heating and cooling system year-round.

At Waterloo Energy Products, we have focused our interest on geothermal energy because it is a cleaner and more affordable alternative to conventional heating and air conditioning systems.

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